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  • Hellenic Farm’s newest collection of gluten-free Honey Bars, made from 100% pure Greek honey (no other added sugars), high quality sesame seeds, real fruits and premium nuts.  Did you know that sesame seeds and Greek honey are amongst the best natural sources of energy?  Packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals these energy bars have been boosting performance since ancient times.  We added a twist with fruits/nuts/cinnamon to bring you a deliciously, good for you nutrition bar. 


    • Specifications

      Ingredients: 1% Orange Peel + 40% Honey + 12% Almonds + 47% Natural Sesame + Lemon + Spices

      Packaging: Available in a 5-Pack or 25-Pack

      * Gluten-free

      * 100% Natural Ingredients

      * 100% Pure Greek Honey