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  • 5 Stands for QuintessenceIndulge your senses and experience the extraordinary and superior taste of natural flavors and an unparalled quality.  Without any additives, its purity captures the very essence of perfection through long tradition.  Our guarantee and promise resides within every single drop of 5 Estate, Aged Balsamic Vinegar ready to ascent your taste to the next level of satisfaction.   


    • Details

      This gourmet estate balsamic vinegar is derived from select Semillon white grapes of Northern Greece. Aged for 6 years in 40-50 liter, French oak and chestnut wooden barrels. The process of using small barrels allows the balsamic vinegar to better interact with the wood and produce a more complex bouquet of aromas. Ingredients: wine vinegar, grape must Acidity: 6%
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