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  • Since the beginning of time, clay played a major part in the daily life of people, for the sole reason that this unique material contains all four elements of life: Earth as argil, Water, Air to dry it and Fire to solidify it. 3000 years ago the art of pottery bloomed on Aegina, turning the island into the center of ceramic art on the Grecian world.  An outstanding example of this expression of art, is the Aegina Clay Water Jug aka “Kanati”. A small technological wonder known throughout the whole of Greece for its fine shape and its unique ability to keep drinking water cool. This clay, following the baking procedure, acquires a porous consistency, which allows for the moistening of its surface (weeping) when placed near a draft of wind, the water evaporates keeping the jug contents cool. The technology is based on evaporative cooling, the same process that keeps the human body cool by sweating. Because the ceramic jug is not completely water-tight, a small amount of the stores water filters through the pores of the clay and evaporates once it comes in contact with the outside, dry environment.


    Kanati, The Aegean Clay Water Jug


      Fill it with water.

      Seal it with the pine cone and cheesecloth in order to keep insects out.

      Find a shady spot with plenty of draft to place it and enjoy the cool water to quench your thirst on a hot summer day.

      Hand made by probably the last of a long line of master potters in Aegina.

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