• A band of brothers navigating the exotic waters of artisan salts. Their journey inspired their company and their love for the all-natural salts became their compass. Their country is the cradle of the Mediterranean Diet, mainly because of the variety and purity of its herbs.
    To start with blending the aromas of Greek herbs with a prime sea salt harvested at the salinas of Messolonghi -a natural habitat of wild life in western Greece- seemed only natural. And natural it was, indeed! And tasty! So is the constellation of the Salt Odyssey new series of salts and spices: a natural source of vital elements for good health and a rich flavor palette for the gourmet of this world!



      Set of six award-winning, all-natural sea salt flakes from Greece.  

      1. Natural Sea Salt Flakes

      2. Organic Oregano Sea Salt Flakes

      3. Lemon Sea Salt Flakes

      4. Cuttlefish Ink Sea Salt Flakes

      5. Organic Paprika Sea Salt Flakes

      6. Basil & Garlic Sea Salt Flakes

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