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We are USA’s premier importer and supplier of Hellenic products of excellence. We Work directly with a network of artisan producers & SUPPLIERS, to source the finest quality food products from all over Greece.  We have built A CATALOG OF PRODUCTS that showcase the very best of Greece. Our aim is not only to bring our local expertise of Greek premium products to a wider audience, but to educate our customers on the health benefits of the Greek products and Grecian Gastronomy!


About Vivianna: Our journey into all things Greek began when I decided to leave my hectic life in New York City and follow my heart to Greece.

Coming from a lineage of foodies: my paternal grandfather owned the only bodega in the village of Armolia, Xios where surrounding villagers would come to shop, and my maternal grandparents were and still are Mastic farmers, a unique natural resin that only grows on the island of Xios, I always knew that really good, all-natural, traditional food existed in Greece, after all it is where democracy, philosophy & the Olympics began!

I have always found it challenging to find great Greek foods at the local grocer, so in 2013 I decided that I would make it my mission to reintroduce the American table to Hellenic products of excellence!


Hellenic Farms is a CERTIFIED 100% Woman Owned Business.

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