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  • “Idisti-Greece With a Twist” is an innovative design company that produces everyday objects and gifts inspired from Greek history, culture and nature. Idisti’s inspiration comes from symbols, monuments, traditional costumes, architectural elements and myths of Greece, from ancient to modern times. Idisti always strives to give a fresh perspective, color, originality and historical documentation on all of its products. Idisti has been honored in 2014 with the “Innovative Service Model Award” and in 2015 with the “Innovative Product Award”.


    • Details

      A set of 3 rice paper lanterns, do not include candles. They come flat and you assemble them in one simple move. Dimensions when assembled: 11x9 cm Dimensions of package: 30 Χ 11 cm The Evil Eye, known as “μάτι” (mati=eye), is an amulet, believed to protect from curses and bestow good luck on the bearer. It is known in Greece from the 6th century BC, where it commonly appeared on drinking vessels, jewelry and ships. EAN: 5212009000553
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