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  • “Mitira” means “mother” in the local dialect of Lesvos. Our brand pays homage to mother earth, as well as to every mother who nurtures her child with care and affection. Our olive oil meets the long-standing tradition of Lesvos’ olive oil production, as it is a tribute to our family who kept our olive grove alive for more than 100 years.

    The Karali family olive grove dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Our estate is located on a small hill overlooking the Mytilene port.
    Taking advantage of the soil’s rich limestone substrate, our olive trees grow amphitheatrically on man-made stone terraces, forming a magnificent sight. Today, continuing our ancestors’ tradition, we harvest our olive trees with

    the same love and respect for our land, which reciprocates by offering us its best fruit.


    • Description

      PGI: MITIRA Lesvos olive oil is officially recognized by the European Union as a product of “Protected Geographical Indication”.
      Olive Variety: Kolovi & Adramitiani (both indigenous to the island of Lesvos).

      Collection Method: Solely by mechanical vibration.

      Extraction Method: Cold extraction.

      Tasting Notes

      Experience MITIRA Lesvos’ alluring herbaceous aroma with an exceptionally balanced and lasting sensation on the palate, and a slightly bitter aftertaste due the vast presence of polyphenols. An ideal accompaniment for your salads and dishes, or can simply be enjoyed on a piece of bread.

      MITIRA Lesvos organic premium extra virgin olive oil relies on 3 basic characteristics for its organoleptic uniqueness: A bright, golden color due to the low chlorophyll content, a light texture, due to a high degree of unsaturated fatty acids, and a rich aroma, due to the early collection of olives.

      Packaging: 250mL tin (also available in 1L tin or 500mL glass bottle)

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