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  • Discover the authentic products of Navarino Icons, from Messinia, Greece, and the fertile lands of Costa Navarino.  Prepared the time honored way, by small-scale local producers and based on recipes handed down for generations. Navarino Icon's products are of the highest quality and proudly honor the area's 4500 year old culinary heritage.


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      Navarino Icons award-winning EVOO is produced from the acclaimed Koroneiki variety olives and from centuries-old trees grown within Costa Navarino estates. The majority of the estate's trees are 200 – 1000 years old and sit at an altitude of 300 to 500m. The unique breeze from the Ionian Sea in combination with the morphology of the soil plays a significant role in ensuring Navarino Icon's consistently produces an exceptional crop. The olives are transported in plastic crates to preserve their quality and are then taken to a nearby mill within two hours of picking, in order to maintain their distinct nutritional characteristics. The olives are immediately cold pressed and malaxed less than 20 minutes in order to preserve their fruity and spicy flavor and distinct aroma. 1L/34oz Ingredients: 100% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Koroneiki Variety
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