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  • Discover the authentic products of Navarino Icons, from Messinia, Greece, and the fertile lands of Costa Navarino.  Prepared the time honored way, by small-scale local producers and based on recipes handed down for generations. Navarino Icon's products are of the highest quality and proudly honor the area's 4500 year old culinary heritage.


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      Navarino Icons Greek honey is harvested from colonies of bees that roam freely to collect nectar from the flowers blooming in abundance in the region around Messinia. Naturally thick and golden this pure honey is unheated and unfiltered, to preserve its nutritional benefits and highlight its delicate taste and aroma. It is cold packed by hand without the addition of artificial additives or flavorings. A piece of fresh honeycomb straight from the hive, is added to the jar.  Single sourced from one local beekeeper  100% pure, unheated, unfiltered  Thick and luminously golden  With a piece of fresh honeycomb straight from the hives  No preservatives  Awarded at Great Taste Awards 2014 Ingredients: Honey, Natural Honeycomb 400g/14oz
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