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  • Discover the authentic products of Navarino Icons, from Messinia, Greece, and the fertile lands of Costa Navarino.  Prepared the time honored way, by small-scale local producers and based on recipes handed down for generations. Navarino Icon's products are of the highest quality and proudly honor the area's 4500 year old culinary heritage.


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      This tomato spoon sweet is prepared the traditional Messinian way with natural ingredients. Picked in August form the sun drenched fields of Peloponnese , the sweet tomatoes are gently boiled in syrup of water and sugar for 2-3 days until the syrup sets to attain the perfect sweetness and release all their aromas. It is produced without any artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives. This authentic local recipe can be enjoyed with soft white cheese or served with Greek yogurt or ice cream as a dessert. In Greece, spoon sweets are offered as a gesture of hospitality, accompanied by a glass of cold water. They are made by gently boiling any kind of fruit that is in season, over several hours or even days, which is why this sweet preserves are said to require “patience and a heavy pot”. 330g/11.64oz Ingredients: tomato, sugar, lemon juice
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