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  • "From our family tree, to your family table.  Our family tree shares common roots with our olive trees. Panagiotis and Konstantina, our parents, inherited just 19 olive trees in 1975. They raised us and grew our grove with the same care and affection. As the olive trees grew in number, we grew up as well playing hide-and-seek behind their aging trunks and branches which reached out for the sun while loitering among the thick shadows of those trees. Therefore, we created a land property of unique beauty within the unsurpassed beauty of the Messenian landscape.  
    Our Messenian roots, our family roots, our tree roots are what we have learnt to love and appreciate. We continue the circle of life just like our trees do by fostering the same values we have been taught by our parents while cultivating our grove and our soul. Our trees are not only memories of the past but also tools of inspiration for the future.
    This is what made us produce "LIÁ'". Our bliss in a bottle that is, our olive oil on your table will offer you along its superior flavor, a warm and true smile coming from our family."


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      The land is Filiatra, a picturesque provincial town in Messenia, Greece - situated close to Mount Egaleo and cooled by the breeze of the Ionian sea - whose exceptional quality of soil interacts with the unique microclimate. All these factors contribute to olive cultivation in optimum environmental conditions. They combine traditional methods of cultivation with modern techniques in order to respect the sustainability of the ecosystem. They still pick their olives by hand just like their parents used to do, seeing that neither the fruit nor the tree is damaged. They use only linen sacks and take their fruit to the oil press the very same day of its harvest to assure that it retains all its properties until further procedure. They exclusively use the cold extraction method to make sure that the nutritional values as well as the taste and flavor properties of the fruit are transferred into the oil pulp. They put LIÁ olive oil into a well - designed opaque white bottle to keep your oil away from light and to preserve its top quality. Finally, they store the bottles in a cool place of regular temperature. “We do everything that is required, so that LIÁ comes to you as we have imagined it to come. Right out of our roots of bliss, your LIÁ.”
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